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At Bouchey Financial Group we take a great deal of pride in our knowledge and experience and the extensive research we perform to benefit our clients. We encourage you to review our insight and perspective on financial planning and investment management topics.
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January Inflation In The Spotlight

Frank Fazio Bio

Written by: Frank Fazio Recent market volatility has been mostly due to fears over rising inflation. This morning’s CPI report, a widely used measure of inflation, came in slightly ahead of expectations and did not … Read More >

January Jobs Report


Written by: Frank Fazio The first labor market report of 2018 was a continuation of the strength we witnessed for most of 2017.  The U.S. economy produced 200,000 jobs for the month of January, coming … Read More >

2018 New Years Financial Resolutions

Ryan Bouchey Bio

Written by: Ryan Bouchey As we enter the first week of the New Year I thought it may be beneficial to put together a few simple, yet highly important financial resolutions to set which are … Read More >

December Jobs Report

Frank Fazio Bio

Written by: Frank Fazio The U.S. economy produced 148,000 jobs for the month of December, coming below economists’ expectations of 190,000. October figures were revised lower while November was revised higher, for a net downward … Read More >

Bitcoin. The talk is all about Bitcoin

Frank Fazio Bio

Written by: Frank Fazio We have been fielding a number questions on Bitcoin lately so we wanted to provide our thoughts on this digital currency, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was created back in 2009 … Read More >

November Jobs Report

Written by: Frank Fazio The U.S. economy continued to add jobs at a healthy pace, as 228,000 jobs were created in November coming in ahead of economists’ expectations of 195,000. Figures for September and October … Read More >

Should We Be Concerned About the U.S. Economy?

Frank Fazio Bio

Written by: Frank Fazio With equity markets continuously hitting all-time highs this year, we frequently get the question from our clients as to when will the bull market end. The level of skepticism remains high … Read More >