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A Dark Monday on the Markets

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Written by: Ryan Bouchey Following the Monday we just experienced, it’s important to keep the current market environment in perspective. With the constant cycle of bad stock market news we need to take a closer … Read More >

The Markets Don’t Like Uncertainty

Martin Shields Bio

Written by:  Martin X. Shields We live in an uncertain world where change comes quickly and the results of those changes are not always known. Unfortunately for investors this statement causes the market a great … Read More >

Good but not Great

Martin Shields Bio

Written by: Martin X. Shields The July jobs report showed that 215,000 jobs were added for the month, slightly below expectations. The job numbers for May and June were revised up, bringing the three month … Read More >

Long-Term Care Planning: Fact or Fiction

By: Brian M. Johnson, MBA, CLTC, New York Long-Term Care Brokers Planning for Extended Health Care is one of the most important planning considerations for retirees.  Long-Term Care Insurance is the one insurance coverage specifically … Read More >

Bouchey Financial Group 3rd Quarter Market & Economic Review

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Market Overview “The road to success is seldom a straight line”, a quote which is a perfect description of successful long-term investing and the markets this year. Our perspective on 2015 is and has been … Read More >

Steven Bouchey financial column: It’s all Greek to me

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Greece has consumed the headlines recently after missing a $1.8 billion loan payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), becoming the first developed country to default on an IMF loan and last weekend with its … Read More >

Bouchey Financial Group celebrates 25 years

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SARATOGA SPRINGS >> To celebrate a quarter-century in business, Bouchey Financial Group President and Chief Executive Officer Steven Bouchey and his team recently hosted a reception for clients, family and friends at the National Museum … Read More >